Quality System

Our Quality Policy

Our Quality System is composed of a complete computerized system to include a documented Quality Policy Manual, Procedure Manual and Work Instruction Manual. The Quality Management System encompasses Inspection, Calibration, Training, Document Control and Process Monitoring. Although we are not certified, our Quality Management System complies with ISO9000 requirements and certain requirements of QS 9000 and TS16949 to comply with the Automotive Industry. PPAP’s are provided upon request at a nominal charge.

Document Control – Our Document Control System is a computerized database to include inspection and lab test results, corrective/preventive action, drawing control, raw material inventory, calibration and complete traceability of processes.

Engineering Drawings Engineering drawings are entered into our inspection database and controlled by our AutoCAD person to assure that only the current drawings are available to all personnel requiring access to any of the drawings.

Calibration Calibration – Calibration of our inspection equipment is performed inhouse by qualified personnel. Each identified inspection instrument is documented and calibration results are entered into our database for historical purposes and calibration recall of the equipment. Inspection equipment that cannot be calibrated by our personnel are calibrated by an outside certified calibration service.

Inspection results are electronically documented and can be used for historical purposes.

All extrusions are tested for hardness and results are recorded in our inspection database

In-Process Inspection

  • Visual Inspection on Finish
  • Dimensional Inspection of Part
  • Visual Inspection of Parts
  • Documenting Inspection Results

Complete Traceability

Our Quality System provides for complete traceability of parts from raw material to shipment of product. If there is a problem, parts can be traced back through our process to assist in providing our customers with proper corrective/preventive action. If required, a copy of our Quality Policy Manual is available for your review.

Quality Policy Manual