About Us

Mike Lawrence Sr. owned and operated an extrusion tooling company, L & S Tools since 1964 and along with his son, Mike Lawrence, Jr., decided there was a need for an aluminum extrusion company to accommodate local business concerns that needed an aluminum extruder to handle their needs.

Mike Lawrence Jr. founded Iowa Aluminum, Inc. in 2001 with a 1250 ton, 6-inch diameter extrusion press and a handful of employees. The demand for aluminum extrusions increased to a point where it was necessary to expand the business in 2006. An additional 40,000 sq. ft. building was constructed and a 1450 ton, 6-inch diameter extrusion press, heat treat oven, an automated billet saw, gas billet heater and fabrication machinery were purchased to meet the demand of local business. Iowa Aluminum, Inc. is now comprised of an 80,000 sq. ft. building, a modern office and a complete computerized network system.


Moving Forward

The company added new offices in February of 2007 to enhance administrative operations and computerized systems along with a conference room that will provide for training of employees and supervision personnel. Additional personnel were hired and promoted to fill positions in customer service, inside sales and order entry, production control, quality control and departmental supervision. The company has grown in personnel from a handful up to fifty-five employees and plans to add more employees as the company moves forward on expanding their sales to include neighboring states of Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Indiana, Nebraska and Kansas.


What Can We Offer?

Iowa Aluminum, Inc. specializes in extrusions that most other aluminum companies shy away from, including small orders and light wall shapes. Extrusion capabilities include solids, hollows, semi-hollows, heat sinks to service the industrial, construction, automotive and electronic industries.

Our Fabrication Department offers precision cutting, punching, forming, mitering, duel mitering, staking, drilling, tapping, countersinking, CNC machining, deburring and tumble deburring. Our automatic cut-off saw can hold tolerances of +/-.005″ on cut lengths down to one-half inch.

Special packaging is available on products that require special and extra care to assure that your products will arrive at your plant in excellent condition. Iowa Aluminum provides shipments on our own tractor and trailer and on common carriers that have been approved for hauling aluminum extrusions with quality in mind.

Outside processing is available to include, painting, anodizing, polishing and brush finishing by suppliers whose finishing processes have been surveyed and approved by our Quality Department.

Tooling is definitely not a problem as Iowa Aluminum has direct access to L & S Tooling and solid dies can be delivered in one-week and hollow dies in two weeks. This gives Iowa Aluminum, Inc. an advantage when it comes to customers trying to meet deadlines that require a very short lead-time. Dies can be made and samples produced and delivered to customers in less than two weeks. How many customers would love to have that service available to them?

If you are feeling the need for a change, give us a call at 1.641.932.7410 and find out how we can help.

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